About Us Military Care Packages

A Story Of Our Inspiration

When we pulled into port in the Navy, sailors who had been at sea for months would wait for hours in line just to see if they got mail, rather than go out on liberty in a foreign port. But as an officer, I was always broken hearted when I saw some of my sailors who didn't get packages-- or when they did, the packages often contained things that they couldn't use or didn't quite want. 

So I tried to figure out why.  Over the years, I talked to family and friends to find out what the obstacles to sending packages were. The biggest problem?  Sending a care package to a military installation is just too much work.  Between waiting in line at the post office and paying $18 for the "military discount" shipping option, it wasn't easy to do. And even when loved ones could send things, most people didn't know what to send.  They'd send chocolate to a soldier or marine in the desert, non-regulation gear to Air Force members staying on an overseas base, or perishable items to a Navy sailor.  But every service has different needs, requirements, and regulations. As sad as my fellow sailors were when to get these things, they couldn't fault the well-intentioned package sender.  Those back home just wanted to do their part.

We created this company to fix all of that.  We pick products that we know service members want so you don't have to.  We coordinate with the APO and FPO shipping so you don't have to.  And we ensure that it's easy for you to send a care package to the hero you love.  Because they deserve it.  Our goal is to send as many care packages as we can to our service members abroad.  Won't you help us meet that goal? 

    Warm wishes, 


Jack Wray

CEO, Hero Care Packages