The saddest part about mail call was when some of our fellow sailors and soldiers got nothing in the mail.  Their sacrifice was just as great as ours, but they never got the recognition from back home.  But you can change that for one special sailor.  By buying a donation box, we will send a care package to a sailor, solider, marine or airman overseas.  We partner with senior leadership at different units to ensure that the care package gets to a well-deserving service member, and we'll even include a note from you.  It's our hope that you'll help us bring a little bit of joy to one of these heroes serving all of us back home.

We will also send you a letter from our CEO, giving you his personal thanks.  The letter is a small gesture of our appreciation, and perfect if the donation is being given in someone else's name.

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God Bless th Troops

God bless!

Great Service

Got a return card in the mail from the kid I sent it to. Really nice guy. Great service folks.

Support the troops

Sending them something nice is great. :)

God Bless America

I am an Eagle Scout and sent this to a deployed Airman. I am thankful for their sacrifice and for this great country.


Thank you for all you do!

Thank you

Added on to package I sent to my nephew. Thank you for this service! Prayers.