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At Hero Care Packages, customization is king. And it's no different for corporate or group sales. Just reach out to our team ( with what you'd like to do, and we can come up with a system to help you run that donation drive, send care packages to your unit of choice, or supply deployed members from your company. Whatever you're looking for, we can help make it happen with an easy-to-use interface. Still curious? Take a look at why we're different, and different sample options below

How'd we get our start?

When we pulled into port in the Navy, sailors who had been at sea for months would wait for hours in line just to see if they got mail, rather than go out on liberty in a foreign port. But as an officer, I was always broken hearted when I saw some of my sailors who didn't get packages-- or when they did, the packages often contained things that they couldn't use or didn't quite want.

So I tried to figure out why. Over the years, I talked to family and friends to find out what the obstacles to sending packages were. The biggest problem? Sending a care package to a military installation is just too much work. Between waiting in line at the post office and paying $18 for the "military discount" shipping option, it wasn't easy to do. And even when loved ones could send things, most people didn't know what to send. They'd send chocolate to a soldier or marine in the desert, non- regulation gear to Air Force members staying on an overseas base, or perishable items to a Navy sailor. But every service has different needs, requirements, and regulations. As sad as my fellow sailors were when to get these things, they couldn't fault the well-intentioned package sender. Those back home just wanted to do their part.

We created this company to fix all of that. We pick products that we know service members want so you don't have to. We coordinate with the APO and FPO shipping so you don't have to. And we ensure that it's easy for you to send a care package to the hero you love. Because they deserve it. Our goal is to send as many care packages as we can to our service members abroad. Won't you help us meet that goal? Jack Wray CEO, Hero Care Packages


We are a 100% veteran-owned and run small business who creates care packages to send to soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen both at home and abroad. We make sure we stay on top of the ever-changing requirements to send packages to the APO/FPO system, and use our experience and unique military connections to make sure we get the best care packages for your service member.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to send a care package to your service member, and get as many care packages as we can into the hands of those defending our country both at home and abroad.

How Do Group Sales Normally Work?

We can do whatever you're interested in, so please reach out to our team. But most of our requests are care packages for either donation, or a specific person, group or unit. If you are trying to donate care packages (and since we are not a non-profit) we partner with an amazing non-profit, Soldier's Angels, and send them care packages to give to deserving service members. If you have a specific service member, group or unit in mind, we can also support that. In either event, we usually do one of the two options below.

Custom Webpage

We can create a custom webpage branded with your company name/log, or information about your desired recipient. This lets you direct individuals to go to a webpage and purchase their own care package either to donate or send to your group of choice. A custom webpage places the power in the hands of the individual, and means you don't need to even collect money. For that reason, this is one of the more popular ways we go. Contact us for a sample webpage!

Cash Compilation

This is easiest for those who want to gather money themselves. We can coordinate based on how much money you raise for your goal, and simply invoice you for that amount. For example, if you have $1,000, we could send 20 care packages worth $50 each. This is a great option for people who want to be the one to collect funds themselves.

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How We Get Great Value

Our Care Packages are as little as $59, and valued as high as $575. Here's how we do it

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    Our business model and advanced website analytics gives us insight into how much inventory we should take on. Because we are constantly checking our supply and demand, we can run a lean operation.

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    Large Buys

    We make big, dedicated purchases that helps bring down our partners' manufacturing costs substantially. We pass that on to you, who passes that care package on to your service member.

How We Provide Value

Some People Ask: Why not just do it yourself?

When we tried to find out why so few service members got care packages, we found out that the single biggest driving force behind it were the huge hurdles to mailing a care package. Here's what you have to do:

  • Pick the Contents: You need to get the actual contents of the package, and make sure they're something that is actually useful to your service member. (This varies by service.
  • Check Military Regulations: Then you have to make sure the package and its contents doesn't violate any of the military, state, or DOD guidelines (which vary by service and unit). Not only that, but you must ensure the things you buy are actually regulation. Not all shirts, toiletries, bobby pins or hats are regulation, and sending the wrong kind means they're useless for the service member. Possession of some items are illegal and could get them in trouble with their superior officers.
  • Stand in line and fill out forms at the Post Office: Even if you can do all that, you have to drive to the post office, stand in line, and fill out shipping and customs forms (and have to choose between PS Form 2976, PS Form 2976-A or PS Form 2976-B) listing each item in the package line by line, estimating relative weights and values of each item. Different sized boxes require different forms.
  • Pay for Shipping: Then, the shipping costs. Just a 5-lb care package at the post office often costs more than $20. The "military discount" flat rate box is $18. Check out how much it would cost you here.

How do we fix it?

We ship everything priority mail. No waiting 3 months for a boat to travel around the world to your loved one. We get it there via air, and get it there as fast as possible.

  • We Save You Money: We buy in bulk to get low prices every day.
  • We Take Care of the Regulations: We stay on top of all the regulations, so you can be confident you're not getting your recipients in hot water by sending the wrong gifts. We make sure that every package is DOD-compliant. Any uniform items are regulation. Any toiletries are allowable (ships, for example, have very strict requirements here). And we make sure that the care packages are 100% useful for the Heroes.
  • Shipping is Cheap and Painless: We partner with USPS to get low rates on shipping, and then pass on the savings to you. We don't charge you those rates from the post office, because we think $23 shipping is ridiculous too, and it shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg to send a care package.