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Help support our healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 fight with a care package and personalized thank-you note. 




As one of the Doctors in NYC said to us via text message: "It seems silly, but gifts get us through our shifts. It's pretty bleak inside, but the little things keep us afloat. :)" 

How Does It Work?

It's simple: our team of experts creates a care package similar to the ones above (the three pictures are samples of small, medium, and large). All you need to do is write a thank-you card and tell us where it goes. We'll include your card in with the care package to give our Heroes fighting this fight a little inspiration to carry on. We'll take care of fulfillment and shipping. But we need you for the most important parts: telling us who needs it, and sending heartfelt thanks.

Where Did This Initiative Start?

This care package initiative was born out of the early days of the pandemic. As veterans, we wanted to help serve our country in whatever way we could. We began by buying PPE overseas. Once more-established players began to fill that void, we stepped aside to let them work. Eventually, we decided to leverage our skills to help the fight in whatever way we can.  We realized other people felt the same way and decided to use our infrastructure to build a way to help our Healthcare Heroes with a personal touch.

A portion of the proceeds of each care package goes to help our front-line service members.