​Shipping to Our Soldiers: Four Ways to Save on Military Packages

​Shipping to Our Soldiers: Four Ways to Save on Military Packages

Posted by © Hero Care Packages on Jul 27th 2017

One of the greatest assets The United States of America has to offer the world is our military.

Every year, thousands of soldiers are uprooted from their homes to protect the liberties and freedoms of other American citizens. Unfortunately, homesickness can put a damper on our men and women in uniform, which is why sending care packages is a key component to supporting our military. But it's not always easy to send them quickly, and costs add up.

Whether you are sending a care package to a loved one or shipping supplies from a local military drive to deployed troops, international shipping can be extremely costly. Here’s a look at four clever tips to help you save on shipping letters, postcards, or care packages to our soldiers.

1. Use the Military Care Kits for Heavy Items

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers several incentives including a discount on military care package shipping cost. USPS has a military-care kit which is completely free of charge and includes:

● Two priority flat rate boxes for APO/FPO mail

● Two medium priority mail flat rate boxes

● Mail tape and address labels

● Customs forms

The USPS also offers shipping discounts to APO/FPO mailing addresses. In place of international shipping rates, USPS charges domestic shipping rates for military packages. Ordering your free kit can be done either by phone or online at the USPS website.

We talked in our  Top 12 Tips Guide about how these military care kits can be a ripoff for some people. Download the guide below to see why that's the case.  But they really start to pay off when you're shipping heavier items that would increase the cost of standard priority mail.  A good rule of thumb: if your box gets above 8 or 9 lbs, switch to the flat rate boxes.

2. Use Regional Rates for Lighter Items

When shipping a care package, sending more than one box at a time can put a sizable hole in your pocket. You can ship regional rate "A" and "B" boxes, like most commercial shipments.  You can either order the boxes online in advance, or pick some up at the local post office (It says "Regional Rate A" or "Regional Rate B" on it.)  Like the Military Care Kit, the boxes themselves are free of charge, and can be as low as $6 to ship, but varies based on weight.

3. Work Closely with Your Local USO Center

The United Services Organization (USO) is a major supporter of military members and their families. Their main goal is to offer services to help soldiers stay connected with home while they’re deployed.

There are USO centers across United States that work closely with civilians to raise money and hold events to assist in preparing boxes for military care package shipping. In addition, the USO offers support services for the families left behind. Whether you’re a teacher developing a class project or a part of a local military drive, the USO will give you a list of donations they need for their care packages. This saves you from paying shipping costs and packing materials.

4. Ask for Donations

If you’re looking to help cover the cost for several military care packages shipping to a troop, having a small, fun donation event or drive can help. One clever way to generate donations is by hosting a penny drive. Ask your family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors to drop off their pennies for a great cause. Those copper coins will fill up a jar quickly as most people try to get rid of their loose change. It’s a great way to get connected with your community and take care of your military.

The United States of America has a world-class military whose members serve faithfully and selflessly every day. Helping them receive even a small reminder of home is the best way you can contribute to the cause. Sending letters, postcards, and packages is an easy way of simply saying “Thank you for your service.” 

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