How To Get Free Shipping Supplies From the Post Office (Delivered To You, Too!)

How To Get Free Shipping Supplies From the Post Office (Delivered To You, Too!)

Posted by © Hero Care Packages on 24th Sep 2017

Sometimes, gathering up packing materials can be a headache. It's even harder when you're trying to ship anything besides parcel post at the post office. There are box size restrictions, and you need to determine whether you're shipping flat rate or by weight, and you have to make sure the box works with the shipping method you want. 


But one way to make it easier is to just get the free boxes from the post office. That's right. Free. No strings attached. 

It works like this: just go to the post office's website (link below) and buy the boxes you'd like. You can even buy the lower rate  "regional rate" boxes that get you better shipping rates. Add the boxes to your cart and the post office will ship them to your house for free. It's that simple. 

But wait, how can they really give us things for free? Well, the Post Office knows that when you have more boxes, you're more likely to mail things. And when you're more likely to mail things, they make more money. So they bet that by giving out free shipping materials, they'll be making more money. So it's a win-win.

They sell the boxes in packs of 10 or 25, so you can load up if necessary. They also have free labels and stickers for your boxes to make it easier to address or send them. So go out and get shipping!

Click here to get the free packing supplies from the post office.

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