​4 Great Resources for Military Spouses (And Why You Should Bookmark Them Now)

​4 Great Resources for Military Spouses (And Why You Should Bookmark Them Now)

Posted by © Hero Care Packages on Nov 8th 2017

Life as a military spouse can be difficult – we all know that. Whether your spouse has been reassigned for the third time in two years, or you’re going through the stress of your spouse deploying for active duty, it’s no cakewalk.

And there’s so much to learn about what you need to do – especially if you’re a recent military spouse. Even “seasoned veterans” need a little bit of extra help once in a while. That’s why Hero Care Packages is here to let you know where to look.

We’re going to take a look at 4 of the most helpful resources for military spouses – and discuss why you should Military Spousebookmark each of them for future reference.

1. Military Spouse

Military Spouse is an online magazine custom-tailored to military wives. It’s positioned as more of a “lifestyle” blog, but there is still a wide variety of content that can be extremely helpful when you’re beginning your life as a military spouse.

Individual sections of the magazine include content on topics such as money management, dealing with common military relationship issues, information about career opportunities for military spouses, and learning about your responsibilities as a military spouse.

With a huge variety of content that’s both topical and timeless, Military Spouse is a great resource.

Why you should bookmark this site: Frequent updates, well-written articles, and valuable information. What else could you want?

2. The National Military Family Association

If you’re looking for a more in-depth, technical resource to learn about being a military spouse, The NMFA has a perfect website – and you should bookmark it immediately.

The Info + Resources section of the website includes information about adoption, employment, military healthcare, and the process of leaving the military – and how it will affect you as a military wife.

They also delve into topics that some other websites shy away from, such as what to expect if your spouse is injured in the line of duty, leaves the military, or is killed in action. It’s tough to read about – but it’s better to be informed than ignorant.

Why you should bookmark this site: You won’t find a better comprehensive resource about the difficult issues that face military spouses. You’re sure to reference this site for years to come.

3. Military Wives Store

The Military Wives Store is a great place to purchase gear related to being a military spouse. This website has an enormous variety of items available for purchase – from branch-specific drinkware and bumper stickers, to specialized items like lapel pins, medals for military children, and much more.

Why you should bookmark this site: This store offers plenty of military gear at great prices, and part of the proceeds from each sale go towards supporting Military Wives, another great organization dedicated to helping military spouses.

4. SpouseLink

SpouseLink is an online publication created by AAFMAA. This modern lifestyle blog is all about military spouses – regardless of age, gender, or branch of service, you’re sure to enjoy the valuable, informational content.

SpouseLink has plenty of information about what to expect from the military spouse lifestyle, as well as tips for parenting, managing money, and taking care of yourself during difficult times, such as active duty spousal deployments.

Why you should bookmark this site: SpouseLink is dedicated to providing valuable, timely content to military spouses of all genders, and hosts a large number of valuable guides, tips, and advice.

Navigate Your Life As A Military Spouse With These 4 Sites!

Life as a military spouse is not easy – but with the resources available on these websites, you’re sure to have an easier time understanding what’s expected of you, and how to deal with common issues in military marriages. So check them out, and bookmark them today!

Have other great resources? Share them below!

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