Product Review: Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mixes

Product Review: Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mixes

Posted by Rachel Basinger on Oct 10th 2018

enjoy life seed & fruit mix hearts

When you are traveling and want a convenient snack option that has both sweet and salty flavors, you probably normally default to a delicious bag of trail mix. And it’s a great thing to toss in a care package for your loved one too because it has a little bit of everything. But like anything in life, it can become a little monotonous, and for people with allergies, not a good fit at all.

So, we have a new suggestion for you to try: Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mixes. It’s a modern twist on trail mix that is allergen free, so you don’t need to worry if your service member has a buddy that is gluten-free or is allergic to nuts!

beach bash

Right now, Enjoy Life has two different flavors of seed & fruit mixes—Beach Bash and Mountain Mambo, and the one you send first will probably depend on how your loved one answers the often-posed question, “Beach or mountains?”

Beach Bash features apricots, cranberries, dried pineapple, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower kernels. A lot of people love Beach Bash just for the dried pineapple alone! It’s great on yogurt and oatmeal, if your service member has access to those items, or just out of the bag. You get the salty and the sweet without any nuts. That’s pretty cool.

mountain mambo

Similarly, Mountain Mambo combines sweet flavors with salty ones, including dried fruit, mini dairy-free chocolate chips, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. If your service member loves chocolate, Mountain Mambo is a great option, as it will keep much better than a candy bar or bag of M&Ms.

As a side note, if your service member is gluten-free or has a friend who is gluten-free, Enjoy Life is a great brand that specializes in gluten-free foods like grain & seed bars, mini Halloween candy, lentil chips, rice milk crunch bars, and soft baked cookies.

Additionally, you can get this trail mix in large 6 oz. bags or smaller grab-n-go bags that would be perfect for your loved one to share with his or her buddies.

enjoy life seed & fruit mix

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to trail mix and now are intrigued to try these seed & fruit mixes, you can purchase them directly on Amazon through the links listed in this blog post. You won’t have to pay a cent more, but we’ll get a small payout to keep the lights on!

In addition to sending Beach Bash or Mountain Mambo in your own care package to your loved one overseas, you can also send our Healthy Quick Snack Care Package or The Troop Military Care Package that both feature Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mixes.

Convinced to try Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mixes? Figure out which one of the two flavors is your favorite and then send that flavor to your loved one! 

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