Product Review: Country Archer Beef Jerky

Product Review: Country Archer Beef Jerky

Posted by © Hero Care Packages on Nov 16th 2017

Beef Jerky is like gold. Healthy, delicious, compact... It's every service member's top snack. But it's hard to come by. It sells out at ship and base stores and it's a bit more expensive than the average candy bar. That's why getting some in a care package is such a treat.

In our quest to find the perfect jerky for our care packages, we tasted a lot of brands. One of the brands we looked at was Country Archer Jerky, which bills itself as premium jerky. Here's what they focus on: 

We were skeptical. After all, jerky has been around forever. It's just slow smoked beef or turkey. Would the "grass fed" or "organic" elements really help? But we gave it a shot anyway. What did we have to lose? 

Well... We were blown away.

When we first opened the bag, we weren't hit with the traditional chemical or beefy smell-- the spices instantly hit our noses. It was a good sign, to be sure. The texture was a lot smoother, too. There wasn't the rough rawhide texture a lot of the overcooked jerky products have. 

The thing that really sold us was the taste. The taste was out of this world. So we tried more flavors, and we liked almost all of them. Our top picks were the original beef jerky and the  hickory smoked turkey jerky. Those are the ones we settled on in our care packages. But the best thing about Country Archer is their variety. Our team members with a better spice resistance absolutely loved the spicy flavors like SrirachaSweet Jalapeno, and Crushed Red Pepper. (We recommend the variety pack here if that's your Hero's taste.) But there are sweeter flavors as well, like Teriyaki Beef Jerky and Honey Dijon Turkey Jerky. There really was something for everyone.  But believe it or not, the great taste is not the most shocking part.

The crazy part? This craft stuff is actually  cheaper than those big guys out there on the market. That's saying something. Take a look:

If you're interested in sending some of this great jerky to your Hero, we include Country Archer in our  Meat Lovers Care PackageDeployment Picnic Box, and Comfort Box

You can also get some to send on your own from Amazon: (You pay the same price, but we get a small payout if you buy through these links, so help us keep the lights on!) Try the  Spicy Variety Pack here, or the Savory Variety Pack here (with Teriyaki, Mango Habanero, and Original).

Love Country Archer? Send some to your Hero, and let us know what they think!