Product Review: Starbucks Via

Product Review: Starbucks Via

Posted by © Hero Care Packages on Oct 23rd 2017

Boy, oh boy, what we could say about Starbucks Via. It's versatile. It's easy. It fits in a pocket. It's better than the mud normally available on deployment. And best of all?

It tastes. Exactly. Like. Starbucks.

Yeah, that's right. It tastes like your Starbucks barista came right to your ship, your barracks, or your backpack to give you a piping hot cup of joe. It's hard to describe how important that is. Making you feel like you're back at home is just what service members need in a cup of coffee. It lets you escape, even if only for a few minutes of deployment. 

Amazon Via for Military Care Packages

We know what you're thinking: "Instant coffee is terrible, period." Usually, we'd agree whole-heartedly. Even those of us who aren't coffee snobs agree that the stuff tastes like dirt mixed in with some hot water.

But Starbucks Via is different. It's made by the world-famous Seattle Coffee chain, and while we don't know how they do it, they somehow distill their famous coffee flavor down to powdered form. You almost can't tell the difference. And the level of quality compared to the average coffee on deployment makes it taste like it's a gourmet $8 fair-trade coffee whipped by a pro barista. Even our CEO, a huge Dunkin Donuts fan, was blown away by the coffee taste. While he wasn't swayed to team Starbucks in the states, he did declare that this instant coffee was better than "that sludge on the ship." That's probably the strongest proof we could ask for. That's why we endorse Starbucks Via for those Heroes who need a bit of caffeine on deployment.

Looking to buy some? Our recommendation is, far and away, the  signature Columbia Roast, which you can get on Amazon. Second place goes to the Italian Roast, linked here and pictured to the right. Those two give your Hero a couple different options to choose from, and both are a standard, high-quality coffee option. If your Hero likes something a bit sweeter, the best we've found is the caramel latte. It has a smooth taste, but its sweet caramel flavor really shines through to help offset the bitterness of the coffee. Though, most military members are so tough, they'll probably prefer the darker coffee!  If you're looking for one of our signature care packages with Starbucks Via, check out our Java Time Care Package, which includes Starbucks Via, as well as a few other snacks and coffee goodies for your service member.

Are you a Starbucks Via fan? Send some to your service member today!

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