When to Mail Holiday Care Packages: Dates, Shipping Methods, Advice

When to Mail Holiday Care Packages: Dates, Shipping Methods, Advice

Posted by Hero Care Packages on Dec 9th 2018

Around this time of the year, a common question we get is when to ship to the military to make sure a care package arrives by Christmas. The answer depends a lot on where you are sending it. 

If you're shipping to your Hero domestically, you can go based off of the USPS deadline posted in the post office:

Things get more complicated for shipping to APO addresses. The below chart shows the different dates, straight from the Post Office. 

Things can end there if your Hero is at a military base that's always fixed, like the bases in Germany or Spain. But you should build in extra time for deployed members at non-fixed bases, like Navy sailors on ships, or troops based in Iraq or Afghanistan who are at temporary deployed bases.

You see, the problem with these estimates is that it doesn't determine when the package actually gets to the service member. It only tells you when the package arrives at the military distribution unit. For example, sailors at sea must get the mail routed to where the (moving) ship is, which often requires lots of logistical hurdles on the military end. They often need to be placed on tanker ships and airlifted to the unit.

To be safe, add an extra week for these logistical hiccups. That means sometimes sending packages early in December, but it will ensure your Hero gets your loving care package by the holiday. For New Years packages, add a week to the above timetable!

For our  Hero Care Packages, we send them all priority mail, so it's getting there in accordance with the above timetable. 

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