​The Best Free Military Resources (Our Top 4 Picks!)

​The Best Free Military Resources (Our Top 4 Picks!)

Posted by © Hero Care Packages on Jan 12th 2018

Military families can have a tough time – especially new military families. Navigating the world of military service, moving constantly, and dealing with active deployments – it’s a lot to take in. So don’t go it alone. At Hero Care Packages, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite free military resources. Take a look, and see how these services can help you!

1. Everyone Serves

If you’re a new military spouse, or your significant other has recently joined the Armed Forces and is facing an upcoming deployment, this is where you should start. Everyone Serves is a totally free resource, available either as an eBook for Kindle and other eReaders, or as a PDF.

In this simple, easy-to-understand eBook, you can learn just about everything you need to know about supporting a military family member during active deployment. The eBook contains useful exercises, information about how to cope with the stress of deployment, and resources that can get you the help you need if you’re having an especially difficult time.

You can also access additional worksheets, exercises, and resources on the website, which is very helpful.

2. After Deployment

After Deployment is a valuable resource for military families who have a spouse or a loved one who has just returned from active duty. After Deployment provides a wealth of mental health resources for the military community. Here, military family members and spouses can learn about issues like PTSD, depression, anger, alcohol and drug abuse. Unfortunately, things like this are all too common after a stressful deployment. After Deployment helps you to be prepared.

This resource focuses on education, and giving families and military members the resources they need to have an intelligent, reasonable discussion about what to expect post-deployment.

3. Military OneSource

Funded by the DOD, Military OneSource offers free podcasts, blog posts, and other content for individuals who have active military service members in their families. Other services include family advocacy programs, information about military benefits and local resources, and even a free hotline that allows you to talk directly to a support specialist.

4. Dog Tags For Kids

Dog Tags For Kids is a totally free service that allows military service members to send customized dog tags to their kids – from anywhere in the world. It’s donation-funded, so there is no cost to you.

These dog tags are a great way for military parents to show their kids that they are thinking about them, and remind them that they are cared for and loved – even during long deployments.

Use These Resources – And Support Your Loved Ones In The Military!

It can be difficult to know what to expect from a loved one who is an active-duty military service member. But with these 4 resources, you’ll be able to quickly gain an understanding of what to expect – and you’ll be able to support your loved ones more effectively.

Things to add? Let us know below!

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