Interested in some great military information? Take a look at these resources of websites we absolutely love!

Great Information

  • The Hero Care Packages Blog: This is our compendium of information on how to send a DIY care package. If you're looking to send one on your own, this will give you all the information you need.
  • Everyone Serves: A free handbook for family and friends of services members to help readers learn about life in the military.
  • Military One Click: This site has the latest news, job opportunities, deals, and innumerable resources.
  • Military One Source: This provides free information on military life with information focusing on deployment, relationships, and family support.
  • Operation We are Here: An incredible list of resources to help people to support military service members or military families.
  • Military Spouse: A website just for military spouses.
  • After Deployment: Provides a wealth of mental health resources for the military community. Here, military family members and spouses can learn about issues like PTSD, depression, anger, alcohol and drug abuse. Unfortunately, things like this are all too common after a stressful deployment. After Deployment helps you to be prepared.
  • NextGen Milspouse:An online magazine and bi-weekly newsletter that fosters a supportive, empowering and enriching community for the 1.1 million military spouses living around the globe.
  • The National Military Family Association: If you’re looking for a more in-depth, technical resource to learn about being a military spouse, The NMFA has a perfect website – and you should bookmark it immediately. The Info + Resources section of the website includes information about adoption, employment, military healthcare, and the process of leaving the military – and how it will affect you as a military wife.
  • SpouseLink: SpouseLink is an online publication created by AAFMAA. This modern lifestyle blog is all about military spouses – regardless of age, gender, or branch of service, you’re sure to enjoy the valuable, informational content. SpouseLink has plenty of information about what to expect from the military spouse lifestyle, as well as tips for parenting, managing money, and taking care of yourself during difficult times, such as active duty spousal deployments.
  • MyBaseGuide: Lots of great information for the military, with a focus on local bases and their communities. We especially love their acclaimed Military Gift Guide. (But maybe we're biased because Hero Care Packages makes an appearance...) 

Companies That Sell Great Things For Military Families

  • Blue Star Senior Tech: This is a veteran-owned and run company that gives seniors home monitoring solutions to let them remain independent at home.
  • Dog Tags for Kids: This organization sends dog tags to troops for their kids back home.
  • United Through Reading: A military program that aims to ease the stress of family separation during deployment. Parents read children’s books aloud via DVD for their child to watch at home.
  • Military Wives Store: A great place to purchase gear related to being a military spouse. This website has an enormous variety of items available for purchase – from branch-specific drinkware and bumper stickers, to specialized items like lapel pins, medals for military children, and much more. Part of the proceeds from each sale go towards supporting Military Wives, another great organization dedicated to helping military spouses.
  • KudoBoards: An online "group card" that let's you send stateside love from multiple people at once to your deployed servicemember. Use code HeroCarePackages to receive a special discount for the Hero Care Packages community!

If you have a great resource you think we missed, let us know ( and we will add it in!