sending hero care packages is easy!

  • 1

    choose a subscription

    Choose a size, and our veteran team will assemble a premium curated care package for your Hero

  • 2

    tell us about your
    hero & write a card

    Just answer a few questions to tell us about your Hero so we can build a great care package from our collection of premium content. Then, write an actual card to your Hero — not a character-limited gift receipt.

  • 3

    just sit back & relax —
    cancel anytime

    We take care of free priority shipping, and pesky customs forms & regulations. We tell you three days before each shipment so you can update your card, cancel, or postpone. The power is 100% in your hands!

What Comes With Each Care Package?

  • A curated care package assembled by veteran members of our team, tailored to your service member every month
  • Automated monthly care packages -- free cancellation anytime
  • Free shipping
  • Insurance against theft or loss
  • Easy updates to send letters (with no length limits) throughout deployment
  • A 110% money back guarantee

The Top 3 Benefits (According To Our Customers):

  • 1) Automates the care package process so you can send your Hero premium care packages all deployment;
  • 2) Our veteran expertise ensures that these are items your Hero actually needs and wants;
  • 3) Saves time and keeps you on track: deployment is hard for everyone, and remembering to let your Hero know you care won't fall through the cracks.